The day is finally here. My website is live and I’m insanely ready for what is to come in my business. I’ve been dreaming up, planning, and designing this launch for months now and I could not be more excited!

On the blog here, you’ll find a home for my boudoir photography inspired by nature and female empowerment, all things womanhood, inspiration, and encouragement. If you’ve followed me in any capacity over my many career paths, you’ll know I love to share the real + the raw. I LOVE to connect through honest, deep conversation, so grab a coffee, chocolate or other treat of choice and we’ll hang out for a while and chat.

If you’ve been a long time supporter of all my ventures, you’ll know that I am someone who loves to experiment and go ALL IN with each new project! I’ve started 5 different businesses over the past 12 years:

  • Sarah Waggoner Photo (aka: Sarah Elizabeth Photography, Sarah Waggs Photography, Waggoner Haus Photo. Oof!)
  • Kinder Clothier (recycled heirloom quality kids clothing)
  • Waggoner Haus Design (flipping used furniture)
  • Terraform/Happy Healthy Haus (body positive fitness/holistic health)
  • Roam West Adventure (an adventure business my husband and I started together after he quit his job in May – this one isn’t over, just re-evaluating entrepreneurship as a couple).

Thank you, thank you! No need for applause!

Have you been around for any or all of these? I might look like an indecisive psychopath at this point, because I’ve jumped around so much and there have been SO many rebrands of some of these that I can hardly keep track.

I credit everything to my Human Design and the fact that I’m a combination of a Projector with limited energy, having an undefined identity center, and with my 6/2 profile, I’m in the middle of my first Saturn return and everything is coming full circle. I’m seeing the bigger picture, now I get to bring all of the best parts of my experimentation into my revived photography business.

If you’re a human design nerd too, hi! We can be BFF’s. If you’re like, “okay, Sarah has lost her ever-loving mind, this makes zero sense to me”, you can exit my website now. Hah! Kidding.. We can still be friends.

Either way, some things I’m excited to carry with me moving forward:

+ Emotional and adventurous imagery

+ Female empowerment + body image conversation

+ Guiding Empty Out

+ Hosting women’s gatherings

+ All my spiritual shenanigans

I’m glad you’re here and I’m excited to share with you all of the goodness happening.

If you’re interested in a unique approach to boudoir + brand photography, focused on women learning to be daring and bold and loving their bodies, you’re in the right spot. Feel free to roam the rest of my website and see if my work is right for you, and if you feel it is, sign up for my newsletter to receive a special promotion I’m running until the end of 2021.


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